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Cerulean Billing Company Welcomes You

Insurance Billing for you! 

You’ve got six clients scheduled today and you have to spend your only free hour tied up with an insurance representative trying to sort out a denied claim. The frustration of this is all consuming and it adds to the feeling of burn out creeping into your life. You really needed that hour to recharge. A lot of clinicians like yourself have chosen to take insurance, perhaps to be more accessible to clients. Yet I hear time and time again how managing the day to day operations of  insurance can be overwhelming, time consuming, and boring. 


If the headache of insurance is contributing to your practice imagine what it might be like to offload some of that struggle to someone else? Cerulean Billing Company might be your answer and the solution to keep you from burn out. With experience working in community mental health and a large hospital you will know that your insurance questions will be solved with ease. All with the bottom line, you getting paid on time without worry!

Let me take the headache out of insurance! 

About Me

Professional Medical Biller

I've been a professional medical biller since 2019.  I started my billing journey working for Seattle Counseling Service in Seattle, WA. I billed for over 30 clinicians and medication providers. When Seattle Counseling Service closed I joined Virginia 

Mason Medical Center. My experience working in community mental health and now doing hospital billing has given me a strong foundation that I can now bring to private practice. My passion is providing billing support to clinicians in private practice so you can focus on what's most important- your clients. 

I  live in central Washington with my wife, two dogs, Mochi and Plum, and kitty Sadie. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and animals. I love to go to go the beach and have fun at Disneyland. 

Contact Me

Ellensburg, WA 98926, USA

(206) 739-8692

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