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Cerulean Billing Company Welcomes You

Mental Health and Medical Insurance Billing in Washington

You know the scenario all too well: you've got six clients scheduled today, and amidst the chaos, you find yourself spending your one free hour tangled up on the phone with an insurance representative over a denied claim. It's overwhelming, frustrating, and downright exhausting. Many clinicians like yourself choose to accept insurance as a means of being more accessible to clients, yet these operational headaches quickly add up to steal precious moments you'd rather use to recharge or focus on patient care.

I'm here to change that narrative for you.

Through Cerulean Billing Company, I offer specialized insurance billing services exclusively tailored for mental health providers. Serving Washington, Oregon, and California, I've become a trusted billing partner for many, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and timeliness with every claim. This means you get to pour your energy and attention into treating your patients, where it truly matters.

Mental Health Billing Services in Washington

Since establishing Cerulean Billing Company in 2022, my commitment has been unyielding: serve those dedicated to mental health care. With a laser focus on making the billing side of mental health care painless and simple, services include:

Electronic Claims Processing

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) insurance claims are submitted via your EMR. Please be advised that I only work with those who have their own EMR system.

Claim Submissions and Follow-Up

Precise work ensures that your claims are processed right the first time, while consistent follow-up aids in quick payment.

Claim Denial Problem Solving & Appeals

Denials are tackled head-on, ensuring you get the reimbursements you deserve.


Trust in me to navigate the complex world of provider credentialing, setting you up for success with insurance networks.

With four years of experience in the world of medical billing and 2.5 years specifically in community mental health billing, I’ve developed a keen understanding of the challenges and nuances of the industry. Having billed most of the major plans, including BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, and United, as well as other private insurances and Medicaid, you can feel confident that your claims are in capable hands.

My philosophy is simple: If there's a plan I have yet to work with, I’m ready to learn and adapt, ensuring I bill correctly and efficiently every time.

What Cerulean Billing Company Can Do for Your Mental Health Facility

Entrusting me with your billing needs means gifting your practice the time and freedom to focus on what really matters: delivering exceptional care to your clients. I pride myself on my deep understanding of the inner workings of mental health billing, making Cerulean Billing Company the ideal choice for both individual clinicians and group practices. Competitive rates coupled with unmatched dedication mean that you're not just hiring a billing service, but partnering with a professional medical biller who genuinely cares about the work you’re doing.  

By choosing Cerulean Billing Company, you're choosing efficiency, reliability, and a partner who's as dedicated to your success as you are. Let’s get started. Contact me today for more information.

Ally Wilson, owner of Cerulean Billing Company, smiling

About Me

Professional Medical Biller

I've been a professional medical biller since 2019.  I started my billing journey working for Seattle Counseling Service in Seattle, WA. I billed for over 30 clinicians and medication providers. When Seattle Counseling Service closed I joined Virginia 

Mason Medical Center. My experience working in community mental health and now doing hospital billing has given me a strong foundation that I can now bring to private practice. My passion is providing billing support to clinicians in private practice so you can focus on what's most important- your clients. 

I  live in central Washington with my wife, two dogs, Mochi and Plum, and kitty Sadie. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and animals. I love to go to go the beach and have fun at Disneyland. 

Monroe, WA 98272, USA

(206) 739-8692

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