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Mental Health & Medical Insurance Billing Services in California

Being a mental health care professional is important, difficult work on its own, but it can be made all the more cumbersome when you consider the billing aspect. Many insurance companies provide bigger hoops to jump through for mental health coverage – especially when compared to more traditional medical care. The process of following up on claims and appealing denials can not only be exhausting, but it can take valuable time away from your already jampacked schedule.

Allow me to help. Cerulean Billing Company caters exclusively to mental health professionals, providing medical insurance billing services in the California to ensure your focus remains where it should: your patients.

Mental Health Billing Services in California

Navigating the complex world of insurance billing can be a time-consuming task. By choosing Cerulean Billing Company, you're opting for a streamlined approach.

Since establishing the business in 2022, I have dedicated myself to supporting the mental health community in California and beyond. I’m please to say I have built a solid reputation by working closely with both individual practitioners and group practices, offering competitive rates for billing services such as:

Electronic Claims Processing

Submitting EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) insurance claims via your in-house EMR system. At this time, I only work with clients who have their own billing software.

Claim Submission & Follow-Up

Ensuring claims are not only submitted properly, but regular monitored to ensure swift compensation.

Addressing Denied Claims & Appeals

Swiftly addressing claim rejections, making sure you receive what's due.

Credentialing Services

Beyond billing, I provide comprehensive credentialing services, ensuring that your facility is always in compliance and positioned for success.

Experience in Mental Health Insurance Billing

With a background of four years in medical billing, including 2.5 years in community mental health billing, I am well-equipped to handle the unique challenges of the mental health sector. BSBS, Aetna, Cigna, and United are all major plans I have experience billing with, as well as other private insurances and Medicaid. If there's a plan I am not familiar with, you can trust that I am quick to learn and will ensure claims are billed correctly and efficiently.

For comprehensive support with your mental health and medical insurance billing needs in California and beyond, reach out to Cerulean Billing Company today and schedule a consultation. Together we can discuss the needs of your practice and the services that can be tailored to meet them.

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