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Mental Health & Medical Insurance Billing Services in Oregon

Despite society’s increased awareness of mental health and its effect on one’s overall well-being, many individuals still face significant challenges seeking insurance coverage for mental health services versus traditional medical care.

While many mental health professionals, like yourself, may opt to work with insurance to broaden their client reach, it can often lead to spending more time on the phone with insurance representatives than actually providing necessary care.

This is where I come in. Through Cerulean Billing Company, I specialize in providing streamlined insurance billing services across Oregon. I take pride in my work and the time I free up, not only for you to dedicate to your patients, but to gain a bit of free time for yourself to relax and recharge between appointments.

Mental Health Billing Services in Oregon

While my experience spans four years in medical insurance billing, the last 2.5 years have been dedicated to mental health billing, and that is where my sole focus remains today. By choosing Cerulean, mental health providers throughout Oregon can be assured of professional, customizable billing services, such as the following:

Electronic Claims Processing

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) insurance claims are managed through your EMR system. Please note that I only submit claims on behalf of businesses that operate their own EMR system.

Claims Submission & Monitoring

Rigorous attention ensures claims are processed correctly, and consistent monitoring ensures you are paid quickly.

Addressing Claim Denials & Appeals

Confronting denials promptly, ensuring you're rightfully compensated.

Credential Management

Allow me to assist with your efforts to gain credentials as you make the move from private payment to insurance.

I am experienced in billing Medicaid and most private insurances, including major plans such as BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, and United. If you come across a plan I have not worked with, I can assure you I am a dedicated learner and will work diligently to bill correctly and efficiently.

By outsource your billing needs, you'll save valuable time, simplify your business operations, and be able to concentrate on your primary goal – helping your patients. With competitive rates tailored to both individual practitioners and group practices, Cerulean Billing Company is the ideal partner for your Oregon mental health facility.

Get assistance with your mental health and medical insurance billing needs in Oregon and beyond. Contact Cerulean Billing Company to learn more about how we can benefit your practice.

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